There is hope. Love n Me is a non-profit organization 501(c) (3) dedicated to helping women and girls get back on their feet to pursue a successful, fulfilling life. We believe that the key to finding that inner power and strength comes from loving yourself -- no matter what you’ve been through or what your life choices are.

At Love n Me, we’re all about empowerment. We provide workshops, counseling, and programs designed to help you navigate through real-life obstacles and achieve success. Our mission is to teach girls and women to love themselves.

We also offer classes on parenting, domestic violence treatment programs, and anger management.

Specializing In:

  • LGBT
  • At-Risk Youth
  • Homeless Youth
  • Foster Care Youth & Aging Out
  • Youth on Probation or in the Juvenile Detention System
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, or Domestic Violence

  • Whatever your crisis, Love n Me, can be your life preserver for finding a better situation. Give us a call at 669-377-3382 or contact us. Let us help you find your inner power through self-love.

    "Where We Learn To Love Ourselves"

    Our Mission

    We inspire and encourage girls and women to love themselves. We believe that loving yourself is the secret to gaining inner power and strength. We aim to do this by providing girls and women with programs and services, such as counseling, mentoring, support groups, classes, and empowerment workshops.

    Our Vision

    We imagine a world in which all girls and women are empowered by loving themselves.

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    Our Services

    Big Sister / Role Model

    A Big Sister/Role Model can be a powerful influence for a young girl. She can offer support when working through a tough problem at home or school and can set a positive example.


    How to be a Lady

    Projecting one's strength and confidence is an empowering experience. We show girls how to present themselves in a way that gets them noticed and taken seriously; sending off the right signals instead of the wrong ones.


    Career Guidance

    A fulfilling career can improve a person’s self-esteem and outlook on life. We help women identify what career is best suited for their unique talents and passions. We also provide them job placement, resume building, referrals, training, and interview coaching.


    Empowerment Groups

    Our Empowerment Groups offer women with abuse in their lives access to a protected, confidential haven where they can share their stories and come up with a plan of action.