Homelessness is a rampant problem. In the United States alone, half a million people are homeless. Of that, one quarter of them are children. Veterans make up much of the homeless population on any given night, and 90 percent of homeless women are simply without a home, due to fleeing domestic violence.

Often, homeless people are thought of as:

  • dirty
  • uneducated
  • addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
  • irresponsible with money
  • lazy

The stereotypes that homeless people are put in do not fit the category of all homeless people:  Often, they feel ashamed or embarrassed to be labeled “homeless” as it is not what they want for themselves or their families, and there is the fear of judgment on why they have become homeless, when there are many circumstances beyond their control that led them to this situation. There are valid causes for homelessness that include:

  • poverty
  • lack of employment opportunities
  • decrease in public assistance for individuals and/or families struggling to make ends meet
  • mental illness
  • individuals escaping domestic violence and abuse
  • lack of financial means to obtain housing if a person’s job doesn’t provide the wages

Poverty is a major factor that contributes to the homelessness epidemic. A lack of employment opportunities, combined with a decline in public assistance leaves low-income families just an illness or accident away from being put out on the streets.-

Being homeless carries heightened risk of being raped or robbed.  The statistics are frightening:

  • 70% of homeless youth report experiencing some form of violence, 32% of which includes sexual assault
  • Lifetime risk for violent victimization for homeless women with mental illness is 97%, making sexual violence a normative experience for this population
Unique, the founder of LovenMe, is seeking support to help her as she is currently experiencing homelessness.  She wants people to hear her story – and understand – that anyone can become homeless – and it is heart-wrenching and devastating to have to go through that. Please see the links below and help Unique through her GoFundMe Page.  She was featured in the news on KTVU.  See the links below:


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