Appreciating Yourself

All of the seniors in high school know that college decisions are coming out right now, and emotions are running high. It’s very common for people to be competitive when it comes to how many and which universities students are accepted to, but it can be very hurtful at times.

We aren’t all the same person. We have different backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses, and it’s important to remember that the insignia on a person’s diploma does not define them for the rest of their life. Every high school senior is stressed right now. After all, they’re turning 18 and have to make very important and difficult choices that will help determine how their lives will play out for at least the next 4 years. A lot of this stress turns into competitive energy because students want to prove that they’re good enough, and college acceptances are one way of showing off a person’s intelligence level. But this kind of energy can become very toxic and hurtful to those who haven’t been accepted to elite universities, those who plan to attend community college, and those who don’t have the option of higher education at all.

No matter where you end up going or what you plan on majoring, remember that you are more than a few letter grades. Mental health is key to living a happy and healthy life, so beating yourself up because your friends got into a fancy college that you didn’t make the cut for will just make things worse.

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