Competing With Oneself

Within the competitive atmospheres of most high schools, comparing oneself to one’s peers can often lead to a drop in self esteem. As a result, many students minimize their accomplishments by stacking their own successes next to those of another. As is clearly apparent, this kind of judgement is hurtful to the student’s self esteem and may prevent them from reaching towards their full potential either academically or personally.

Sadly, most schools do very little when it comes to combating this kind of mental stress in student populations, thus leading to high stress levels and even higher rates of depression amongst teenagers. As someone who has compared their accomplishments to those of others and felt worse for it, I can vouch that doing so hurt my self esteem.

As a result services like those which Love n Me provide can truly help students build confidence and pride in their own skill set. Such confidence is key for highschoolers to develop and as a result individuals can grow mentally. Students must believe in themselves and their potential to reach their goals. Doing so is impossible without support groups and a positive attitude both of which Love n Me help develop in individuals who attend their programs. For all these reasons each of these programs is a powerful tool for students to excel not only in school but in their life overall.

-Shivali Baveja

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