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Since when did identifying as a feminist become a bad thing? The term feminism has existed as a broad umbrella term for many decades now, and the idea of female empowerment has been reinvigorated in recent years. From the He for She UN campaign to Malala Yousafzai’s international literacy movement to the national Women’s Marches in our own backyard, our gender is taking a stand. But a stand for what, some may ask?

Generally, I’ve seen that women have their own connection to why feminism holds a large part in their life, stemming from an unfair, unjust experience where women felt they were not being treated equally. I feel that I have been cultured to embody the values of a feminist largely in part to seeing strong, ambitious, and independent women in my family and community.

This brings me to what being a feminist is really about for many women. Contrary to the skeptics, feminism is not about putting the male gender down or advancing an almighty pro-woman agenda through hyper-agression, but is a struggle for equality. Equality in treatment, equality in pay, equality in literacy, equality in healthcare to name a few. As a 17-year-old feminist myself, all I want is to be treated fairly and equally and to not feel pressured by my surroundings for being a woman. I want to be treated as a human before I am stereotyped as a gender.

If you are looking to embrace the feminist cause, I highly urge you to explore this website and look for amazing opportunities for the advancement of equal opportunities for women. Whether you not you need some of the comprehensive services provided, or simply want to get involved in the fight, we could use all the help we can get to advancing equality.

Love N’ Me provides services like Youth Development Workshops – Love ‘n Me Youth Development Workshops help girls achieve a sense of empowerment through the active pursuit of their personal goals. By making positive changes in their lives, these girls build up their confidence, ambitions, and leadership skills.

It is important that the workshops take place in a nurturing environment (schools, community centers, shelters, foster group homes) so that the girls feel comfortable talking about difficult topics. Discussions can range from family and school life to personal relationships and sex education. The workshops can be enhanced with an additional service such as big sister mentoring, court advocacy, or community transitioning. Sessions last an hour and have the option of a group or one-on-one setting.

Contact us or call 1-510-265-0583 to learn more about Love n Me’s Youth Development Workshops and schedules.

Nickita Gupta

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