The Power of Labels

As a female high school student who holds leadership positions in my student government, I often face a challenge that many leaders may face. As the ASB President of my school, I lead a group of 36 other individuals in school student events and help coordinate the events from different commissions. Often when I am doing my job (i.e. delegating, asking others to follow up on deadlines etc.) I am perceived as a bossy, nagging “mom-like” figure who only talks about work. Now don’t get me wrong, these negative labels may be self-perceived from my tendency to over analyze my own actions and how others will take them, but it got me wondering how other women felt. We don’t often think about it, but terms like “bossy” are greatly used as negative attributes for women, whereas for men, their delegation tactics are praised for the great control he is exercising over his team. This tendency for society to naturally attach defining labels to women more often than not, makes me realize the power these words hold. Removing these labels, reversing these stigmas, and changing our perceptions are the foundation upon empowering women.

Empowerment. Courage. Support. Services provided by this organization operate on providing women the emotional and physical support they need to be empowered. Love N’ Me provides peer resource groups, teen talk programs, and counseling programs as a chance for women to bond over their shared struggles and triumphs. It’s important that young women, including myself, start a conversation about the differences we see in our lives based solely on gender and what steps we can take to instill positive change.

-Nickita Gupta

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