The Struggle With Self Esteem

With the expansion of social media over the past several years teenagers everywhere spend large portions of their day engaged in online interactions. The advent of Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media outlets in addition to Facebook, have created a means for students to interact without being watched over carefully by parent figures. As a result teenagers can adopt personas online which they are unable to in reality. Often, feelings of inferiority and anger in person can be taken out on others online. This kind of interaction may result in cyber bullying – a dangerous and personally damaging attack online.

In high school I have witnessed many attacks of cyber bullying, luckily none of which were directed at me. Such attacks included rants against others written and shared publicly on social media sites. Others included the sharing of conversations between individuals to those whom they were not intended. The results of such attacks have been broken friendships as well feuds between friend groups. If the cyber bullying was directed at a single individual as opposed to a group, the individual may feel targeted and fall into depression if they lack a proper support group.

This is one area where Love n Me can help students. If a teenager is in need of support against such cyber bullying or in person bullying, counselors at Love n Me can help combat such struggles and ensure that students come out stronger than ever. Love n Me focuses on teenage empowerment and this is a meaningful way of doing so.

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