The Value of Empowerment

In today’s society it is not rare to see the paramount topics of teen violence and sexual assault be narrowly avoided in mainstream media. Due to this precarious neglect, it can be difficult for young women and girls to speak out about any troubling situations which they may find themselves in. This is where Love ‘n Me comes in.

Our goal is not only to address topics such as this one with direct counseling with girls, but to expand their knowledge on these issues of utmost importance and bring them greater comfort in doing so.

In addition to rather hot-button issues such as sexual assault, support groups often hold discussions in the realms of family problems, abuse, bullying, and LGBTQ lifestyles among many other things.

We hope that through aiding young women in their journeys of self-discovery and growth in self-esteem, that we will be contributing to them living with much healthier perspectives and personalities.

Furthermore, another crucial part of Love ‘n Me’s efforts in furthering the cause is through our Development Workshop. Here we truly work to build up young girls into the women they have the potential to become. Not only do work hard to foster confidence and self-dependence, but we encourage meaningful discussion in order to broaden the horizons of these developing minds.

After all, the greatest power in our society comes from growth in thought and this strength is derived from the power of communication with others. Here at Love ‘n me we hope to grow this ideology and help as many young women as we can while doing so.

-Shivali Baveja

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